The idea of this document is to collect and document the bits, nuts and bolts scattered all over the Internet about the Arch Linux and its tools in a one central place. And all for a single purpose - to create the ultimate development environment consisting of open source tools. Hence the name The Ultimate Open Source Development Environment or TUOSDE for short.

Just look at the i3 and Vim in action below:

i3 Vim

i3 and Vim are just a drop in the ocean of tools described in this document. So, if you like what you see so far, and you are not afraid of doing the work in the terminal, then I encourage you to follow this document.

Document is divided into three major parts; Pre-Installation Guide, Installation Guide and Post-Installation Guide.

First part, Pre-Installation Guide, describes the creation of an Arch Linux bootable installation media. This media will be used to live boot the Arch Linux from where you can finally start the installation of the operating system itself.

Second part, Installation Guide, covers the installation of the operating system, Arch Linux. If you don’t know what the Arch Linux is then let me enlighten you! Arch Linux is a lightweight, fast, stable and flexible Linux distribution. But if you are a total beginner in GNU/Linux that you will experience one hell of a ride!

Third and the final part, Post-Installation Guide, covers the installation and configuration of all the tools that you gonna need as a software developer. Some of them are a general tools; tools that everybody should use. But there are also tools which are only used by the software developers.